About us

San Carlos Green believes that we can build and maintain a more environmentally active, vibrant and prosperous community through collective engagement of sustainable environmental practices and policies.

Established in 2007, San Carlos Green is a volunteer group that explores and promotes conservation and resource management best practices for the city, businesses, schools and citizens of San Carlos in order to inspire a more actively sustainable community. The organization grew out of the 2006 San Carlos Natural Resources Task Force Report, Conservation and Resource Management sub-section.

San Carlos Green Core members include:

  • Cathrin Callas
  • Margaret Desmond
  • Suzanne Emerson
  • Kathleen Gallagher
  • Eva Iglesias
  • Walker Kellogg
  • Camille King
  • Pat Potter

Past initiatives

  • Advocating for a full ban on polystyrene and plastic bag ban compliant with other local jurisdictions
  • Spearheading development of a Green Building Ordinance
  • Driving the campaign for weekly pick up and composting of residential organic waste
  • Participating in the 2005 General Plan Update and Climate Action Plan Development process
  • Motivating a comprehensive energy audit of all City building operations resulting in lighting upgrades and new cool roof on the Adult Community Center
  • Leading environmental campaigns in San Carlos schools promoting energy conservation, recycling, and reduced car use
  • Educating residents on environmental practices and opportunities including distribution of:
    • Hundreds of low-flow shower heads, low-flow faucet aerators, hose nozzles, and reusable shopping bags
    • Literature on conservation issues including green remodeling, reduction in air pollution, environmentally-sensitive gardening, and proper household hazardous waste disposal
  • Organizing a campaign to restore the native landscape at Vista Park
  • Developing an Urban Tree Canopy program and Tree City USA status
  • Championing the Solar City/San Carlos Community Solar Program
  • Organizing creek cleanup events and invasive-species weeding events
  • Staffing secure bike parking at major events