Programs & policy initiatives

Help maintain the Arguello Park habitat

Keep invasive weeds from taking over Arguello Park. You and your friends, neighbors, or Scout troop can schedule a time to go with “The Weeder of Arguello” to learn about and help remove invasive weeds that are trying to take over areas of Arguello Park. Help clear the way for regeneration of native wildflowers. This makes a great public service project! Contact us!

Support Bicycling to San Carlos Events

San Carlos Green helps staff the Bike Corral at Hometown Days to help support bicycling to the event. Watch for news on this site, or follow us on Facebook to help with this event, mid-May every year.

Energy Upgrade

Most homes in San Carlos have significant potential to save energy, water and money. Take advantage of huge rebates while making home improvements that can achieve these savings through the San Mateo County Energy Upgrade Program.

Help us become a greener “city of good living” Get involved!

Past policy involvement by San Carlos Green

  • Single-use plastic bag ban
  • 2012 Green Building Ordinance impact review
  • Polystyrene ban
  • Tree City USA designation